The Thrombomate® XRA

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Thrombomate® XRA

Is a fully-automated system for light transmission aggregometry (LTA) which delivers high quality results of platelet function meets the increasing demand for standardization of aggregometry.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) samples are homogenized by inverting under consistent conditions. After pipetting with cap piercing all further processes takes place in compliance by maintaining exact processing cycles. The cartridges with standardized reagents according to ISTH recommendations provide comparability among laboratories.

User friendly and Safety
The analyzer is operated via intuitive user interface and there are no special operator skills required. Minimizing the operating steps, compare to the manual method, massively reduce potential errors. Positive sample and reagent identification via barcoded reagent trays and pre-adjusted specific concentrations makes aggregometry feasible in every laboratory 24/7.

Measuring principle
Light transmission aggregation (LTA) is perceived as the golden standard in platelet function testing. Patented special cuvettes for generating the shear force with a steel ball ensure reliable results for platelet function diagnostics. Self-adjusting bi-chromatic optical detection ensures high quality results even in challenging samples (hemolytic, icteric, lipaemic).

Innovation in light transmission aggregometry (LTA): Measurement without autologous PPP

LTA determines platelet aggregation in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) by assessing the change in light transmission in response to added specific platelet agonists. Under constant stirring, agonists, through the activation of specific receptors, can prompt platelet granule secretion, activation, and aggregation. The reactivity pattern with various agonists acting through different receptors and signalling pathways helps to establish a diagnosis. ¹
However, limitations of LTA are obvious: it requires long time and large volumes of blood for the preparation of PRP and autologous platelet-poor plasma (PPP), which is necessary as reference for calibrating the measurement zero.
A novel feature is the ability of Thrombomate XRA to measure LTA in PRP not only against autologous PPP but also against a virtual reference.
Autologous PPP is no longer required!

Virtual Platelet-Poor Plasma Reference 
Thrombomate XRA employs a patented method to reconstruct the optical properties of a fictive autologous PPP, called “virtual” platelet-poor plasma (VPPP).
This VPPP corrects the spectral properties of a PRP that it resembles autologous PPP by analysis of its spectral properties according to a novel complex proprietary algorithm.
    • Performing LTA from platelet-rich plasma without requiring autologous PPP, simplifies LTA, saves time, costs, and material.
    • Beyond a relevant reduction in workload, this novel feature has also the potential of reducing total blood volume, an advantage for children, but also for patients in general.

Results correlate strongly with the classical method with autologous PPP.

Comparison between TXRA PPP (= traditional LTA) against the VPPP method (without autologous PPP). Individual results from 47 patients tested with seven different reagents (329 individual data points) are shown with either PPP or VPPP as the reference. Pearson’s correlation coefficient (R2) is 0.9849. ²

Retrospectively calculation of measurements

For validation in your laboratory, all results can be subsequently calculated in relation to the different references, PPP / VPPP.
  • All results obtained against autologous PPP can be recalculated retrospectively with VPPP based on PRP data stored in the database.
  • For all results obtained with VPPP, the autologous PPP can be measured retrospectively, the results of the PRP data stored in the database are recalculated using this autologous PPP as reference.

¹ Born GV. Aggregation of blood platelets by adenosine diphosphate and its reversal. Nature 1962;194:927–929

² Sachs et al. Automated Light Transmission Aggregometry with and without Platelet Poor Plasma Reference: A Method Comparison

Thrombomate® XRA evaluations

Evaluation of the fully automated Thrombomate® XRA for light transmission aggregometry

Automated Light Transmission Aggregometry with and without Platelet Poor Plasma Reference: A Method Comparison

Platelet count dependency of the fully automated Thrombomate® XRA for light transmission aggregometry

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