The Thrombomate® XRA

Intelligent. Innovative. Reliable.

Thrombomate® XRA

Is a fully-automated system for light transmission aggregometry (LTA) which delivers high quality results of platelet function meets the increasing demand for standardization of aggregometry.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) samples are homogenized by inverting under consistent conditions. After pipetting with cap piercing all further processes takes place in compliance by maintaining exact processing cycles. The cartridges with standardized reagents according to ISTH recommendations provide comparability among laboratories.

User friendly and Safety
The analyzer is operated via intuitive user interface and there are no special operator skills required. Minimizing the operating steps, compare to the manual method, massively reduce potential errors. Positive sample and reagent identification via barcoded reagent trays and pre-adjusted specific concentrations makes aggregometry feasible in every laboratory 24/7.

Measuring principle
Light transmission aggregation (LTA) is perceived as the golden standard in platelet function testing. Patented special cuvettes for generating the shear force with a steel ball ensure reliable results for platelet function diagnostics. Self-adjusting bi-chromatic optical detection ensures high quality results even in challenging samples (hemolytic, icteric, lipaemic).

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